Business Insecurity and Freedom are Better than Secured Employment with Invisible Shackles


Many people go through their entire adult lives without leaving the first steady job they get after college. These are the people who see their degree not as a tool for self-betterment, but as a means to obtaining employment. When they get a job, they see their task as done, so they settle into their new position in life, they work for four decades, and then often they retire into an uneventful old age. You shouldn’t want to live that life and you don’t have to. The first step to escaping it is understanding that business insecurity and freedom are better than secured employment with invisible shackles.

You might not be aware of these so-called shackles, but if you were they wouldn’t be invisible, would they? They’re the things that make you afraid to leave your job for one reason or another. Sometimes they’re valid concerns and sometimes they’re not, but you don’t want to be tied down by either.

A valid concern turned shackle might be something like health insurance or dental insurance provided to you by your employer. These are some of the hardest to remove because you do need health insurance. Dental isn’t as important to many people, but neglected teeth lead to a lessened smile, which ultimately makes charming clients and colleagues harder. Countless people are currently working jobs that they hate – jobs that offer them no chance to move up in the world – just for the health benefits. But what they fail to realize is that they could afford to get even better insurance if they managed to obtain a more lucrative position somewhere else.

An invalid concern turned shackle would be social stigma. Sometimes you have to quit your job before you can find a new one, or before you can start your dream business. But there are some who refuse to be unemployed, no matter what, because they fear their friends and families seeing them as lesser for it. No one seems to treat the unemployed with anything other than pity or disdain. This is an unfortunate thing within our society and it makes a degree of sense to worry about, but you don’t need to have the professional respect of your friends or family. Who cares if they pity you? You’re the one who will have escaped a dead end job.

Once you remove the shackles and you quit you can’t just take a job at another dead end business. You need to pick a place that will actually give you the chance to climb the corporate ladder. Or – ideally – you can start your own business. If you think things are too competitive then consider going for a foreign startup in Thailand, or anywhere in Asia for that matter. The opportunity for foreign business expansion is fantastic at the moment, but it won’t be that way forever. The longer you stay shackled, the harder it’ll be for you to succeed, be it here or abroad.


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