Important Business Resources in Thailand

Important Resources

Resources are important to everyone and is vital for market research and operations, specially when you are considering Thailand as your next destination. A compiled list of Embassies, Government Agencies, Chamber of Commerce, Associations and some more organizations that maybe important to you are listed here for your ready reference.

A Knowledge base for you to Startup in Thailand.

Board of Industries

The office of the Board of Investment ( BOI ), operates under the Ministry of Industry and the government agency for encouraging Investment. The Thai Government established the Board of Investment (BOI) to provide investment incentives for both foreign and local entrepreneurs who are interested to capitalize in the agency’s promoted activities in 1997. Read more at

Thai Embassy & Consulates

Thailand VISA and Work Permit are required for all foreign nationalities to travel and stay in Thailand for business. There are a lot of types to provide such as marriage visa, retirement visa, business visa, 1-year-thai visa, and 90-day-thai visa. Choose your nationality and type of visa can be provided. Read more.  For Embassies of other countries in Thailand, please check out our page  – List of Embassies

Government Agencies  / Immigration

A government agency may be established by either a national government or a state government within a federal system. The independence and accountability of government agencies also vary widely. Investor wishes to set up and operation in Thailand, your-best contact point are Immigration Division 1 to get Non-B immigration before come in Thailand to work. Then you maybe apply for work permit in Bangkok within 90 days.  Read more  …. . For other relevant Government Agencies, please check out our page –  Government Agencies

Thai Chamber of Commerce  / Board of Trade of Thailand

Roles and Duties of The Thai Chamber of commerce. TCC is a central organization and recommendations in solving and developing economy to the government. Coordinate with other Boards, both private and government to coordinate of economical development of the country. Had established the college of commerce in 1940, and continuously developed until being recognized a leader private educational institute. Also promotion and corporation of Trade with foreign countries. The main duties had disseminated ideas and philosophy of the operation at the chamber of commerce institution to businessmen in the provincial area unit, to promote a development of border trading. Read more ….  

To browse the other Chambers of Commerce, please check out our page – List of Chamber of Commerce

Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board

Thai Industrial Standard Institute

Department of Foreign Trade

Thailand Tourism

Thai Customs Department 

Bank of Thailand 

Export-Import Bank of Thailand 

Communications Authority of Thailand 

Travel Facilitation Center 

Metropolitan Electricity Authority

Provincial Electricity Authority 

Metropolitan Waterworks Authority 

Provincial Waterworks Authority