Industry Research

Industry Data Research is not always easy to find  in Thailand. However,  here are some websites which would definitely fasten one’s research work on Thai companies and industries.

 National Statistic Office

It contains all basic information about Thailand, including an industrial census that can be useful for market sizing calculations; for example, the number of companies by industry. Please check out

Department of Business Development

This website provides a database of Thailand registered companies and one can get their financial figures which are displayed in public, including their annual revenue and profits –

Import and Export

The Ministry of Commerce website gives useful source of data –

Office of Industrial Economics

This source contains monthly production information about production capacity, production utilization, export and domestic sales.  –

Industry Associations

Some of the Industry Associations as below normally assimilates all information from their members and publishes industry reports. Not all associations actively provide information for their members. Below is the list of industry associations that provide market information:

Iron and Steel Institute

For Statistics on steel production and consumption –

Machinery Intelligence Unit

For Agricultural machinery, machine tools and industrial machines –

Thai Feed Mill Association

For Live animal stock levels, feed mill prices and etc. –

Thailand Automotive Institute

Vehicle productions, domestic sales, imports and exports figures  –

Thai Bioplastic Industry Association

Bioplastic market information, market size, market share and key players activities –

Thai Plastic Industries Association

Price of thermoplastics, import and export figures –

Thai Game Software Industry Association

Market size, segmentation (type of game), import and export figures. –

Thai Cement Manufacturers Association

Scale of the cement industry, capacity, production, and domestic sales.-

Thai Photovoltaic Industries Association

Target of renewable energy (wind energy, solar energy, minihydro, biomass, biogas, waste to energy and others –

Real Estate Information Center

This source shows construction areas by type of building (housing, condominium, office building, factory and hotel). –

There are also other commercial sources of information that one may subscribe to receive research reports. Some of the additional resources can be found here

Another source for local industry analyses can be found from Kasikorn Research Center .