Job Opportunities


The Asean Economic Community is greatly reshaping the job landscape in Thailand, demanding that workers change their strategies for finding and securing positions. It will increase more opportunities for skilled white color jobs all over Asean.

When AEC kicks off in 2015, is expected to introduce a number of new jobs as Thai companies expand into neighbouring countries. The  AEC promises mobility of professions in eight fields – doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, architects, accountants, surveyors and the tourism industry.

In a market where fewer than 1 per cent of workers are unemployed, the demand of jobs are more than supply and it is always difficult to find the right employees in the tight job market. Thailand is having tremendous job opportunities for ambitious and aspiring job seekers. Investments from Nissan, with it’s Bt 11 billion plant in Thailand and Mazad’s Bt 8.5billion plant are just to name a few  of large foreign corporations coming to setup in thailand, creating  more and more job opportunities. As Kasikorn bank reported that there are more than 100 medium sized Japanese companies planning to expand into Thailand.

In terms of foreign employment, Thailand prefers knowledge based employment wherein foreigners can contribute imparting their technical skills. Some of the best available jobs are in the field of IT, Communication, hospitality, management and Education field.

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