Visas and Work Permits in Thailand


Like every other country, it is a pre-requisite for every foreign individual to hold a valid Visa and work permit if he is intending to work in the kingdom of Thailand. However, things are a little more difficult and more challenging in Thailand than elsewhere. Every individual should have a firm objective and precise planning while applying for Visa and Work Permit in Thailand. 


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Thailand Visa

The most common visas that people are needed to apply are Tourist and Non Immigrant.

Thailand Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are initially valid for 60 days and are renewable at the discretion of the Immigration Department. Renewals are normally granted for periods of up to 30 days at a time.

Thailand Non-Immigrant Visa

Aliens seeking a prolonged stay, or those coming to work in Thailand, should obtain non- immigrant visas for all family members prior to entering the Kingdom. There are several categories of Non-Immigrant visas which include business visa category (B); dependent visa category (O); investment subject to the provision of the laws on investment promotion (BOI IB); diplomatic and consular visa category (D); performance of duties with the mass media (M); performance of skilled or expert work (EX); investment (with concurrence of ministries and departments concerned)-(capital investment IM); study or observation (ED).

A non-immigrant visa entitles the holder to apply for a multiple re-entry visa to Thailand from the Immigration Division in Bangkok, as well as allowing the holder to apply for permanent residence in Thailand. It also provides eligibility for the issuance of a Work Permit, and eligibility for temporary visa renewal while processing issuance of a long- term annual visa.

Aliens are advised to strictly adhere to the rules governing each visa category. They should report any changes of address or status to local police within 24 hours.

Non ED Visa and Guardian Visa

If a parents of a student or students attending an international school in Thailand is in the situation where his or her employment is terminated or he or she wishes to change jobs to work overseas and the family members are on dependent visas and their children are still studying at an international school in Thailand, what will be the options?

In accordance with the Order of the Royal Thai Police No. 327/2557, which has been effective since 29 August 2014, the children will be entitled to apply for a Non Immigrant ED or education visa to study at the international school to issue documents to support the visa extension.Both parents can apply for Non Immigrant O visas to stay as guardians of their children.In this case, each parent will be required to have a minimum bank deposit with a local Thai bank in the amount of not less than THB 500,000 each for at least three months before the application date (or at lease thirty days for the first year of application).

However, if there is only one child, then the parents can only apply for one guardian visa.

Thailand Visa Exemptions

The Act grants exemptions from the Work Permit requirement to the following professionals:

  • Members of the diplomatic corps
  • Members of consular missions
  • Representatives of member countries and officials of the United Nations and its specialized agencies
  • Personal servants coming from abroad to work exclusively for persons listed under the above items
  • Persons who perform duties on missions in the Kingdom under an agreement between the government of Thailand and a foreign government or international organisation
  • Persons who enter the Kingdom for the performance of any duty or mission for the benefit of education, culture, arts, or sports

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Thailand Work Permits

To startup a business in Thailand or even for a job opportunity, expats need a work permit. For companies promoted under Ministry of Commerce, it is mandatory for each work permit, the company must have a capital investment of Baht 2 million and employ atleast 4 Thai staffs in the organization. However, if the company is promoted thorough Board of Investment, the process is much more simpler and the company can issue much more work permits at a quicker pace.

Before applying for a work permit in Thailand, one must have a non-immigration(Non-B) visa. This visa can be acquired through Royal Thai embassy or consulate in any foreign country but must ensure that the validity of this visa is for 3 months at least, giving sufficient time for application.

We can assist you in the application of a work permit and will submit all necessary documentation to the Department of labor on your behalf. If submitted correctly an application can be processed in about 2 weeks or so.

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