Failure in Business Is Important, as Only Then Will You be Able to Nurture Your Hopes for Success


Can anyone say that they’re not at least a little bit afraid of failing at their various efforts in life? It’s natural to fear failure. Without at least some fear for the potential negative outcomes of our actions we’d probably go around messing up a lot more often. But there’s a point where fear of failure can cloud your judgment and make you back down too early, and there’s a point where failure becomes beneficial. That’s right: failure in business is important, as only then will you be able to nurture your hopes for success.

Think about it: when you fail at something you are washed over with a cocktail of emotions. Chief among them is loss, and it isn’t a general feeling of loss. It’s articulate. You know what you’re upset about losing. It isn’t just that you didn’t succeed, it’s that you screwed up this one specific thing. That’s where the loss comes from. And sometimes you don’t know what you really wanted until you’ve managed to fail at getting it. This works in the business world just as it works in any other area of life.

Is it the most ideal way to get a better idea of what you want out of your business? No. But is it effective? Incredibly. It’s like a laser focus onto what really matters to you; a clarification of your hopes and dreams. But it isn’t the only positive effect of failure.

Failure is a useful tool for teaching you how to conduct your business. The failures don’t have to be on a large scale, they can be small and restricted to one deal, or one decision. You don’t need to run your entire business into the ground to learn a valuable lesson. You should instead start looking at each misstep as a valuable lesson. Nothing is a total loss if you learn something out of it.

It is also worth noting that you should never – under any circumstances – purposely fail. A purposeful failure won’t teach you anything. The only way to gain something from a failure is for the failure to happen organically. You might think that no one is foolish enough to do something like that – to purposely fail – but you would be surprised what people do on their quests for knowledge.

You might be wondering, then, if you’re missing out somehow by not having failed yet. The short answer to that is “no.” If you’ve managed to be continually successful in your business practices then you’re doing just fine. You might not need to learn anything at all in that case. You could have a knack for business that lets you avoid mistakes more regularly than most. But if you do happen to fail – as many of us do at some point in our careers – then don’t freak out about. Just take a deep breath and figure out what you’ve learned.



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