Floods, welfare cards spur sales of canned fish

The current flooding and the government’s programme to stimulate consumption with welfare cards for low-income eaners have combined to spur sales of processed foods, especially canned fish, in the last quarter, said Thai Food Processors Association president Wisit Limluecha.

Mr Wisit said that the government’s measures to help low-income earners have spurred the people’s consumption to an extent after a period of stagnation.

“After the state welfare cards were issued, sales of canned fish, processed food, and variety of seasonings have clearly increased,” he said.

Mr Wisit’s remark is agreed on by Suwit Wangpattanamongkol, sales director of Hi-Q Food Products Company, the manufacturer of Roza canned fish.

He said sales of canned fish in the fourth quarter have increased as welfare cardholders have rushed to buy processed foods.

Flooding has also spurred the demand for canned fish, Mr Suwit said.

Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn said she has order the Internal Trade Department and provincial commerce offices in flood-hit areas to closely monitor prices of consumers goods to prevent shortages and profiteering.

Those found to have hoarded goods and unreasonably raised their prices are liable to up to seven years in jail or a fine of 140,000 baht or both.

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