Following Your Dream is Often Your Best Choice Rather than Your Last Choice


Do you remember that special part of your youth where you believed that literally anything was possible? You might have had big dreams back then. Fantasies about being an astronaut, or the President, or a movie star seemed like they might one day come true. But as we get older we become more reasonable. We still have dreams, but they aren’t outlandish, and we certainly don’t obsess over them with as much enthusiasm as we did as children. We think that we need to have steady jobs and security instead of our dream job. But the truth is this: following your dream is often your best choice rather than your last choice.

You probably have an income source and it probably isn’t the thing you always hoped to be doing with your life. You might have this idea in your head that you just need to scrape and save for a decade or two before going for your dreams. But what you might not realize is that you will never be in a situation where you will be able to safely pursue your dreams. There will always – without fail – be a risk to accomplishing what you’ve set out to do. If you’re waiting for a sure thing, then you’re going to be waiting forever.


This is not to mention the complications of age. The longer you wait to start working towards your dream the harder it will be. As you get older it becomes harder to pick up new skills, harder to pull off late nights of work, and harder to change your habits. You have less energy and you eventually become comfortable with the life you’ve always known. Waiting until you’re older will just lead to defeat and disappointment.

So don’t think of your move towards working on your dreams as the last choice you’ll make. It isn’t something that should happen far down the line; it isn’t a pie in the sky idea that you should carry around. If you have a dream that you truly care about then you need to stop waiting and start working towards it.

You don’t need to be successful today or tomorrow. You just need to commit to doing one thing – just one little task – every single day to get there. Start with researching it thoroughly. Don’t think “I have to master this skill” or “I have to create this successful business!” Just think of the first task at hand: “I have to get some information.” Then once you get the information you can start with the next task tomorrow, and then the next task after that, and so forth. Don’t look at your dream as one monumental task; look at it as a series of small, easily accomplishable ones.

Don’t let yourself down any longer. You only get this one life to live—this one chance to succeed. If you want to be happy and successful then make that decision right now, not twenty years from now.


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