Inspiration and Motivation are Important for Any Startup Business; How Do You Create Them ?


There are some things that should be common sense to anyone in the business world, and this extends to startups as well. Amongst this common knowledge is the significance of a budget, the need for a good leader, and the necessity that is a good work environment. But there are more pressing things that a startup needs for success that people aren’t sure how to obtain. Inspiration and motivation are important for any startup business, but how do you create them?

Unlike the other concepts we have previously mentioned, inspiration and motivation aren’t easily quantified or materialized. If you need a budget you just make one. If you need a good leader you just interview people until you find one. If you need a better work environment then you rent one out. But what do you do when you want to be inspired? You can’t just buy motivation can you? Well, no. But you can foster their growth.

Let’s start with motivating your employees. You need to figure out what they want and you need to dangle it in front of them. Money is always a good bet with most people, so offering a raise or a bonus to the most productive employee within a certain time span is a good way to boost motivation in the short term. Though other employees might only care about their title and the size of their chair, so you might do well to offer a promotion instead, or a better title to employees who are doing well.

Another surprising factor into an employee’s motivation is task variation and responsibility. You’ll get better results if you rotate an employee’s workload so that they are not doing the same set of tasks every week. Have them spend a few days on one kind of thing and then move them to another. As they become proficient in all of their various tasks you should offer them a gradual increase in their responsibilities. This will increase their sense of self-worth and they’ll work harder than ever before.

Inspiration is a trickier beast, though. One of the easiest ways to bring it about is through a good role model in the work place. If an employee’s boss is admirable then the employee will want to go through more effort to please them. By seeing their boss do great work, they will be inspired to live up to the example set.

Another strategy is to add art and relaxation activities to the workplace. Putting up a few paintings can help with introspection and creativity, thus leading to inspiration. Extending breaks by fifteen minutes and putting a chess set in the break room can foster friendly competition and can foster the growth of inspiration in its own right. You’d be surprised how a little increase in leisure and entertainment can drastically change an employee.

The sad truth is that each employee is different and that nothing is guaranteed to work on everyone. You might have to try each of these and use a combination of what works best.


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