Doing Business in an Alien Country

doing business in thailand

Gone are the old ways of having to do business. Long ago, those who wanted to do business in another country besides their own, had to brave the seas. Later they had to take abnormally long flights and stay for weeks to get to know the culture or language, then to develop a trusting relationship.

Today’s market makes way for am easier canvas. Creating a business overseas may be less risky and more economically sound than bring in one’s home country. Some key elements are to be considered when setting out to do business:

1. Politics & Property

We always hear in the news the dangers of getting settled in to a country only to have authorities seize everything. Other countries have full access to foreigners.

2. Economics

A growing middle class and low or declining unemployment are good signs of a country to consider creating your business. Strong consumer spending is also anther clue to beginning to research more as to where your business could set up.

3. Your Knowledge

If you are not an expert in a field you can always hire assistance to manage business on the ground and to get set up. Partnering with a knowledgeable and trustworthy company like Aditya Interactive can increase success rates.

4. Market Research

A significant amount of time should be focuses on analyzing spending habits as well as the time needed to get the job up and going. Aditya Interactive can aid with conducting surveys and giving a realistic view of the capital needed.

5. Languages

Two people can have one conversation and walk away with two different perspectives and stories. That is the scenario when the language is of a mutually native language. Imagine two people with carrying cultures and languages. Seek the assistance of those who are capable of speaking the language.

6. Incorporated

Every country has procedures on filling paperwork for incorporating a business. The time can vary from one day to several Weeks. Also costs will vary. Of course having a business degree helps, but seeking the advice of an experienced company can aid in the hurdles.

The business atmosphere changes quickly so it is always best to be up to date on accurate information. Contact Aditya Interactive for a free consultation and sign up for the newsletter.

Andy Aditya

Andy Aditya

For the last 25 years, as a Startup specialist, Andy has started and built up over 20 companies in Thailand, under 15 diversified industries. He assists international companies to establish and grow their business in Thailand/Asia through their own branch setup or representations.

He has been an accomplished executive with a high-caliber in general management skills gained through hands-on experience in core business functions like strategic planning & operations, sales & marketing, international business & sourcing, product development & branding and financial & employee management.

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