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Why Retire in Thailand

On an average a person spends about 20 years in retirement of their lives. Thailand is an excellent choice for a retired life and it is no wonder that one can find enormous number of people, specially from US, Europe and Australia, enjoying their secluded life amidst sun and water, free from all the urban tensions. As a retired person, normally people would like to spend their savings carefully yet enjoy the best of lifestyle available. Here are few points why foreigners love thailand as their ultimate retirement destination :

  • Cost of living is comparably much lower than most of the countries in the world
  • Thailand has excellent infrastructural support for an excellent lifestyle. On one side persons can enjoy the bubbling night life of thailand on one side a short drive takes them to the secluded islands amidst turquoise waters and white sand beaches.
  • Thailand offers many fitness centers and sports activities like Snorkeling, Bungee jumping, Golf, Rafting and many more so as to keep people active during the last phase of their life.
  • Bangkok is one of the busiest and popular cities of the world, offering premium luxurious lifestyle on demand
  • Sun and clear sky for most of the time all around the year makes Thailand a natural destination for people who enjoys looking at the brighter side
  • Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world where crime rate is negligible
  • Major cities of Thailand offers excellent medical facilities for the ailing and many insurance companies available to take care of foreigners with their exhaustive policies.
  • Easy public transportation is available and connects to all corners of Thailand at an affordable rate.


The requirement for a retirement visa is Baht 65,000 (or Approx USD 2000) or savings of Baht 800,000 (USD 25,000 in a Thai Bank Account. One can have a basic yet comfortable lifestyle with USD 2000 per month in Thailand while a very luxurious living style at USD 5000 per month. For the latter, one can enjoy 2-3 bedroom apartment, full time maids, A/C, good food, traveling occasionally etc. You may check out this interesting article on How much money you need to retire in Thailand.

Please check  Why Thailand for more informations on what makes Thailand, an attractive place and also check  this section   for relevant visa informations that are suitable for retirement purpose.

If you are interested to invest in some business opportunities in thailand, yet lead a complete retired life, be in it Real Estate, hospitality or even a small restaurant, we have several options to help you in doing business in thailand.

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Andy Aditya

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