Sales are More Important than Marketing for a Startup Business; You Need a Fast ROI


So you’ve decided that you want to create a sleek new startup! That’s great news. You may have also started coming up with complicated and/or far-reaching marketing campaigns. That is not great news. You need to slow down! Don’t start focusing on marketing so soon. When it comes to this sort of thing there’s one thing you really need to understand: sales are more important than marketing for a startup business. You need ROI.

Don’t get us wrong! Marketing isn’t a bad thing by any means! Marketing is great. It’s one of the most useful tools in your entire business arsenal and harnessing it correctly is the key to your long term success. But what we’re talking about isn’t the long term. We need to be thinking about the short term. It’s great that you have a plan for the next twenty years, but if you can’t afford to keep the business you’ve started running until next year then that plan is useless!

It’s a simple fact of life that you need money for a business to be successful. This is a problem because starting a business often costs more money than the business is first giving back. You need to focus on earning an immediate ROI – return on investment – so that you can keep a roof over your head long enough to garner some serious success.

But let’s humor the idea of spending a large budget on marketing so early. What would be the consequence? Well, to start you’d need to hire a marketing firm, who would in turn need to pay their creative team to help you come up with an angle to take. Do you have a good logo figured out already? What about a nice public image? Or how about a slogan? If not then you’re going to end up spending valuable time and money coming up with these things, or you’re going to pay a creative team to do it for you.

Do you see what’s happening already? Before you’ve even gotten to the pitching process – the part where ads are brainstormed and presented to you – you’re already spending money. That same money would have been better spent on keeping the power on at your new office, or on buying new supplies for your employees. And the fees aren’t done rolling in yet because you haven’t finished shooting the ads (or finalizing their design if they’re print ads), nor have you finished purchasing ad space for them.

Instead of spending time and money doing all of that in the very beginning you should be hitting the ground running. Make your product and sell it, even if you have to go door to door – store to store – trying to get them to stock up on what you’re offering. Don’t focus on any large ads until then. At most, consider a cheap internet ad, a radio plug, or a small print ad. Nothing more than that. Marketing can be great, but a startup also needs to park for initial survival and success.



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