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build entrepreneurs

Any startup project requires a special team of people who can think, decide and execute things on a fast track to achieve ROI in the shortest possible time. A startup project needs a startup business idea at first and typically these business ideas are formed by entrepreneurs who has an insatiable desire to succeed through their own passionate ways. But passion is not the only thing that builds an entrepreneur, it requires many more aspects to be successful.

Why do you want to become an Entrepreneur ?

Some of your answers could be :

  • you would like to work on things that can utilize your skills and knowledge
  • you would like to have freedom from your daily routine
  • you may have a brilliant idea which will be a smashing success , if launched
  • you might be aspiring to earn lots of money and live a lavish life
  •  you would like to be your own boss

Well, think again ….

  • Maybe, presently you are in the wrong job which does not do justice to your skills but you can always find a job that matches best with your skills and satisfies your knowledge thirst.
  • As an Entrepreneur, your daily routine doubles from 8 hrs per day,  as you need to think more about your business than when employed.  In a job, you can always consult your superior but as an entrepreneur, You need to think over and over again to arrive at the best solution
  • The world is full of ideas and you are not alone, do you really have the means to raise capital, build team and execute the implementation plan all by yourself ?
  • You can have a lavish life but before that you need to give up your current lifestyle and be prepared to live life on a tight budget. Earning lot of money only comes from business success but that is always uncertain. Are you prepared to take such a risk ?
  • Though Entrepreneurship ensures freedom to decide everything by yourself but still in your business, your customer is the real boss as you must listen to what your customer demands and do everything to satisfy them, otherwise you don’t survive in your endeavors.

As Startup Specialists we BUILD Entrepreneurs

We know many people with an entrepreneurial mind, working in a permanent job but struggling to get out of the regular bindings, but can’t…because of so many constraints, the foremost being stoppage of monthly salary, thus affecting personal cash flow. There are so many other scenarios where entrepreneurs are bootstrapped in the society and our intention is to build on them.

We believe that Entrepreneurs are born and are not made. True Entrepreneurs are always thinking to create something and thinking about it 24/7. We can’t really make you as an Entrepreneur but definitely build on your passion to make you successful.

We provide a helping hand to those Entrepreneurs or Business Owners who have lot to do in their business but have a problem of starting new projects due to lack of funds, infrastructure, marketing and operational guidance. Be it for a veteran entrepreneur or a budding one, we act as friend, philosopher and guide and work with them hand in hand to fulfill their aspirations.

Through our panel of Venture capitalists and private Financial consultants, we also assist entrepreneurs who has an excellent idea but unable to start up the project due to lack of funds. We sign up joint venture agreements and work with them as their right hand to execute their vision in a professional manner within a mutually agreed time period. The projects could be of varied nature, but it always involve Finance, Infrastructure, operations and marketing, where we excel in providing startup and growth through our Startup Incubation and Startup Consulting Best Practices.

Thai Business has tremendous potential and opening a business in Thailand is not difficult. We offer short or long term handholding process for budding entrepreneurs, helping them to succeed in life by starting a business in Thailand.

Share your ideas with us, specially if it for Tech startups related and  Contact us now for a frank yet feasible discussion.