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Startup consulting

Setting up an Asian Office or Factory, recruiting skilled manpower, managing government procedures, accounting and back end operations in an alien country can be quite challenging. People often look for a cost effective yet comprehensive support system to have hassle free operations in Thailand. Check out our proven Infrastructure & Operations services program which might just be suitable to get your Asian startup  off to a flying start.  This is a PERFECT way to startup your business in Thailand tomorrow, if you wish.

Most commonly, companies that are keen to startup in a foreign country are looking for these standard pre-requisite functional requirements :

Infrastructure – Startup Consulting

Setting up Infrastructure is a commitment to the business and to the country.

For doing business in Thailand, it is highly recommended to have an establishment which can guarantee their business presence in the land of smiles. Most Thai customers/vendors are skeptical about doing businesses with foreign companies who operate from abroad, but when the same companies establish their Asia office in Thailand, they become much more comfortable and the foreign business prospers from this.

For setting up a representative office, depending on their scale of operations, one has the option either to have a full fledged office or a virtual office. For a normal office, one can either rent a office space in any commercial building in a nice locality or opt for a serviced office.  While it is a common idea to go for an office in a prime location but it may not be needed or feasible as per the startup business.

As startup specialists, we envisage the business for our customers, keeping in mind their expansion plans in the next 5 years, then advice and assist our customers to find the right infrastructure needed to support their business plan through our startup consulting services.

Virtual and Serviced Office

For setting up business in Thailand, a  lean starting option is always the best in a startup scenario. Keeping this in view, we offer our customers a fully serviced all inclusive  office with trendy, modern decor and equipped with all modern equipments. We provide virtual office addresses to our customers as well who do not need a workspace but only need to use the address for their company representation, specially applicable for our customers who are considering our Liaison Services . For our clients, taking our representation services, we offer them a fully serviced Thai business office with exclusive cubicles to work on. Unlike other serviced offices, we offer personalized working environment with all inclusive cost for all our services at a fixed rate. This service acts as an add-on to the startup options and more information can be found from our Infrastructure brochure, when downloaded.

Factory setup

In tune with our diverse industry experience, we also help you set up factories from scratch with local domain experts which provide immense value and ensures total success to your startup project. Depending on the nature of business and customer’s vision, we formulate a startup plan which encompasses from concept to implementation of any factory setup. As a part of our startup consulting services, we assist our customers to locate specific places for suitable factory sheds, contractors to build up the structures, importing and erection of machines, setup utilities, select skilled technical resources, identify domain person with strong knowledge of the industry etc. Skilled labour and selection of right manpower is easily done through our in house recruitment services.

Normally, most manufacturing projects can be applied through Board of Investments (BOI), if it meets specified criteria and then companies can get lucrative incentives like land benefits, imported machinery, tax free incomes, unlimited work permits etc and as advisers we can assist in project consultancy through our market entry services.

Please download our Thailand Market Entry  Services brochure to check out the startup consulting scope of work that we offer.

We offer Operation Director services to our customers who are in need of an operation expert, to run their factory on their behalf. The Operation Director, having local domain knowledge and process improvement capabilities, take up full ownership in running the factory as an optimized unit , ensuring ROI at a lesser time. To know more about this, please download and check out the Operation Director Services under the  Virtual Director brochure.

Manpower Support

Professional and skilled manpower is vital for any startup business success, especially if the persons are hired from the same industry. In Thailand’s high demand, low availability of good local talents, it becomes extremely challenging for any foreigner to recruit and more so to retain people. People management and handling cultural gaps  often becomes an issue for foreign companies trying to establish business in Thailand.

Finding the right team to get the right job done is our specialty. We have a full fledged recruitment division which identifies the right candidates for our customers and then depending on their need and options, we hire them on our payroll or theirs.  With our two decades of recruitment experience, we ensure committed professionals, with excellent working experience and good attitude. Right person at the right time to get the right job done is our customer’s roadway to business success. Not only recruitment, our HR division provides HR strategy, training and other consulting services which often determines the success criteria for any startup project. For more informations about recruitment division, please check out

Admin, Accounting & Operations Outsource

For any business, one needs to have administrative persons to take care of Secretarial jobs, administrative work, HR & Payroll, legal and Accounting work. It is traditional to keep a team to carry out operations. But, these operations are non-revenue generating and hits the overheads if the allocated budget is too high. So often it is quite wise for any startup project, to have these operations to be outsourced.

We provide options to our clients wherein we hire  administrative & operations staffs on their behalf or they have the option to outsource their entire backend operations to us by utilizing our team of experienced and efficient professionals, taking care of all that they need. A complete backend operational support is provided by us so that our customers can have a hassle free back end operation while they concentrate on their business.

Please download a copy of our Infrastructure and operations services to know more.

Business Management

Management supervision and guidance is vital for any startup projects, specially when it is in a foreign country.

Our clients have an option to have their own management persons, permanently stationed locally and we can organize their necessary work permits/visas while they can monitor the local team. However, it could be long learning curve for any foreigner to be actually productive in the local market. So we  have our own Management services program which help our customers to get the startup ROI in a shorter time. We act as a your representative Management to take care of all operations of your branch locally on your behalf. As a business consulting company,  comprehensive representative management support services are provided to have hassle free operations in Thailand, specially when our clients choose our Representation Services .

 Please check out the Business Management Services by downloading our Representation services brochure that we can provide.

We are one of the leading startup consulting firms in thailand whose focus is to provide 360 degree business consulting support to our clients by consulting them in areas of  investment opportunities in Thailand, business development in asia,  recruitment, starting business in Thailand or being a Thailand representative.

If you have already decided to start a business in Thailand or opening a branch office or looking for a Thailand representative, but you are not sure the way to go, check out our online consultancy and also earn a free ebook as your helping guide for doing business in Asia.

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