Management Support – Business in Thailand


For any startup consulting projects it Thailand, it is highly important that the persons involved in the team are competent in all aspects of the business operations like Finance, Marketing, Administration etc and it is of vital importance that at least one team member in the team should be competent in that specific industry which is being started up, and whom can also manage and run overall operations as the local Manager.  Most of the projects also require a person with Industry domain knowledge  to take care of all technical aspects of the Startup consulting services.

We assist our clients by providing a complete management support team for doing business in Thailand.

Our clients have an option to have their own management and industry domain persons from outside Thailand, permanently stationed locally and we can organize their necessary work permits/visas while they can monitor the local team. The other option is to have the management team locally recruited, where we could definitely help through our recruitment division.

Alternately, since we understand that it could be a long learning curve for any foreign management or Thai team, managed by foreigner, to be actually productive in the local market, we  also have our own Management services program which help our customers to get the startup ROI in a shorter time.

We help in all aspects of starting a business in Thailand by setting up a company or branch in thailand, acting as your thailand representative and providing  business development support to ensure ultimate satisfaction of our clients. We act as a Thailand Representative Director to take care of all operations of your branch locally on your behalf. This allows your company to do business in Thailand faster with a higher chance of success.

Comprehensive consulting, startup, and management support services are provided for you to have hassle free operations in Thailand, when our clients choose the Representation Services option as well. With our experience of supporting Thailand market entry for 15 diverse industries, we can provide similar local domain experts to join the startup team and execute on your behalf. Someone with thorough working knowledge and industry expertise can provide immense value in shortening the success cycle.

Our representation services are meant for companies who do not wish to invest in their own setup but has a strong desire to enhance business revenues through new market development.

We represent your company as your own branch with ready infrastructure and a dedicated team to market your services. All infrastructure, legal, commercial and administrative operations are taken care by us with several flexible options for you to choose from. As an option we also take up full management of your local operations and target driven sales and marketing for you.

We normally co-operate with clients from an early stage of their business and assist them to new business or to find partners/distributors/Franchises in We use our local knowledge and network of contacts combined with international experience to make
our client’s efforts successful and efficient.

Our “one-door” support service is a complete and convenient solution for international companies. We arrange all essential services that clients need, from finding local business partners, customers, suppliers and sales agents to
recommending where to market.

• Evaluating potential business opportunities through market research, business and industry analysis, etc.
• Searching and finding Business partners, distributors, importers, consultants, subcontractors, Sales agents and resellers.
• Business development services for finding out new customers
• Local expertise, locally set infrastructure support
• Local staffing and local language support
• Mediating contacts with expert advisers such as law firms, tax advisers, accountants as well as equipment suppliers, recruitment agencies, etc.
• Helping clients to get direct contacts with State agents and local authorities, as well as giving them access to our well-developed network of regional business contacts.
• Self driven business operations
• Product sourcing and development Strategy and Planning
• Negotiations
• Representation in Meetings
• Due Diligence
• Doing market researches and creating market development programs
• Marketing / liaison support of your products and services
• Payment followups and repatriation
• Assistance in localization of marketing collaterals
• Provide marketing contacts to YOUR target prospective clients
• Provide assistance in market development programs like sales seminars, roadshows and events for generating awareness and sales

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If you have already decided to start a business in Thailand or opening a branch office or looking for a Thailand representative, but you are not sure the way to go, check out our online consultancy and also earn a free ebook as your helping guide for doing business in Asia.

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