Thailand Representative / Buying Agent


A total branch office for your buying/sourcing needs as your Thailand Representative and Buying Agent

Unlike other Agents, we, represent our clients and their brand in it’s complete form by  providing  a complete branch office support systems for their Buying/Procurement needs.

Our services are  inclusive of virtual infrastructure, legal, procurement, commercial and admin operations. This includes normal receptionist/secretarial services. Additionally we take care of all administrative support like accounting, payroll, govt dealings etc. All calls are replied properly just as our customer would have it as their own office. Invoicing is also taken up locally on behalf of the customer, on mutually acceptable terms.

As a buying agent in Thailand, we offer a procurement & operation team with  a dedicated Thai person, taking care of the Principal on day to day basis , assisting in in Procurement/Sourcing/Liaison/Logistic support with Manufacturers/vendors on behalf of the Principal for smooth operations.  Local management support is also provided for regular business monitoring.

Representing as the Buying Agent , the scope of the services include the following on best efforts basis :

  • Sourcing of Products
  • Finding new Suppliers and Validating Suppliers
  • Price Negotiations
  • Sample development and confirmation
  • Order Followups
  • Legal consulting in different sectors for local operations with our lawyers network
  • Contract negotiations and conflict management
  • Local language and secretarial support, whenever needed
  • Inspection and Quality Control
  • Production monitoring
  • Warehouse and Packing Supervision
  • Shipping & Documentation
  • Support in dealing with local authorities as needed
  • Logistic support/advice like warehouse, Packing and technical staff mobilization
  • Supervising operations and budget controlling of all activities in Thailand market
  • Manage all tax, revenue and repatriation issues, if needed
  • Work permit and Visa advice whenever needed
  • Advice on procurement of any outsourcing services that maybe needed
  • Management/Liaison support for your suppliers, vendors and your team
  • Local Management of overall operations and team
  • Research of the competitive landscape, but only to an extent needed to understand the product offering and pricing of the competitors in the MooKata market, important for price negotiations with the manufacturer
  • Any other general consulting which is necessary for YOU to be successful in Thailand/Asia

We provide all these services, on dedicated basis when we are retained by our customers on monthly basis. We work with our customers on long term agreements which is mutually beneficial for both parties with comfortable exit clauses, whenever needed.

For our comprehensive services, please check out our Liaison Brochure  and contact us for more details.

We are one of the leading startup consulting firms in thailand whose focus is to provide 360 degree business consulting support to our clients by consulting them in areas of  investment opportunities in Thailand, business development in asia,  recruitment, starting business in Thailand or being a Thailand representative.

If you have already decided to start a business in Thailand or opening a branch office or looking for a Thailand representative, but you are not sure the way to go, check out our online consultancy and also earn a free ebook as your helping guide for doing business in Asia.

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