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Hiring the right person for the right job with the right experience  is an age old theory of success

When any company wishes to expand it’s operations to Asia, the first thing that they must consider hiring is a :

  • Person who is an Asian, with established contacts and highly knowledgeable about Asian work culture, proven through his working experience in several Asian countries.
  • Someone who is a business development and operation expert having overall business knowledge and general management capabilities.
  • Someone who can take up a senior management role in Asia and act as the company’s face for the whole region.
  • Someone who can provide assurance to customers and vendors with his predominant presence and established management strategies.
  • Someone who is a trendsetter in startup consulting with adequate experience of business development in asia
  • Someone who can guide you to startup in Asia and provide greater insight on investment opportunities in Thailand

Companies have the option to employ such a candidate through headhunting and appointing them as a Regional Director, which is the traditional and best route for big companies.

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But what options do the small business owners have ?

Companies can hire an Asian Director, on part time, contractual basis, who has all the above pre-requisites  with Business Consulting experience, made available at fraction of the normal cost of an employee and save immensely on their expansion operations. This helps them to start business in Thailand/Asia in an affordable and productive way.

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If you are looking for a business minded person based in Asia

Advantages of hiring an Asian Director 

  • 25 years of  All round experience in Finance, Operations, Legal, HR, Sales & Marketing in Asian markets
  • Self driven, multitasking, independent strategy developer to cope up with ever changing business scenarios in Asia
  • Senior management expertise with established contacts and excellent people management skills
  • Capable of taking up multiple roles of engagement – representative, business development, operational and strategic.
  • Someone who work like an employee with a vision of an owner
  • Unlike expat employees who have large overheads from the company and his/her high salaries, perks like bonus, accommodation, provident fund etc, an  Asian Director is available at an affordable cost with no overhead commitment which can eventually reduce the Thai company’s startup budget to one third or lower.

Andy Aditya,  is available for you to hire as your Asian Director Representative. He can be your perfect business consulting guide for providing Asian Startup consulting and Business Ideas, Thailand market entry services, Brand Consultancy and Marketing Consulting Services. Please check out his profile in Linkedin and credentials.

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