Thong Fah shops in all tambons to have EDC machines

The Comptroller General’s Department will send the list of Thong Fah (Blue Flag) shops to Krungthai Bank so that the bank can speed up installing electronic data capture (EDC) machines for all of them, said department director-general Suttirat Rattanachot.

Ms Suttirat said the intention is for the shops in all tambons throughout the country to be equipped with EDC machines as soon as possible so that state welfare cardholders can use their service.

A total of 19,500 shops have registered to join the Thong Fah programme. So far 5,061 of them have been equipped with EDC machines. Krungthai Bank are currently speeding up installing the machines.

Ms Suttirat said the action was prompted by reports that the state welfare cards are intended to benefit only large entrepreneurs, not small-scale traders which do not join the programme.

Therefore, once the Commerce Ministry gets the list of all Thong Fah shops, the list will be forwarded to the Comptroller General’s Department. The department will then forward it to Krungthai Bank, which will speed up installing EDC machines, she said.

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